Monday, March 8, 2010

The name of the blog

Some may wonder at the name of this blog, others may not.

I don't think it's surprising that a self described Satan worshiper would be a little reluctant broadcasting this topic in a public manner.  Lets face it!  Satanists who subscribe to the Judeo-Christian ideologies are rare even among satanists!  And one could imagine what a few unruly atheists would have to say if they got a wind of this.  What of the Christians? I bet a good number of the ones who stumble on this would just get a kick out of it. 

So what are some of the questions I ask myself?  Well...

Do I really want to give up my sins and my attachments and turn to God?  Would it be worth it?  What do people get out of it anyway?  I've been sitting at church on Sunday's wondering why on earth I'm sitting there in the first place.

I guess time will tell. 

I will only post every week or so.  Much like everyone else I have a job, and a family, and other obligations... But I did want to get this thing off to a good start and post a few introduction posts.  Either Friday or Monday I'll start off with my first question and I hope one or two people will drop in to comment.



  1. One insight I've gotten from my Eastern Orthodox friends is moving away from the "penal" understanding of sin -- sins as a set of legal infractions against God resulting in set punishment(s) -- and instead reframing sin in medical terms; ways in which my behavior (or lack thereof) hurts my spiritual and relational health. To me it's a much more compassionate and holistic way to think about living.

  2. Hi Seeker,

    we are on a similar path. I became a born again fundamentalist christian at 17 and laster 6 years, which is a long time. It served its purpose but gave me no better understanding of god or spirituality. Since then I have been looking through varioius religions, exploring atheism and every time I come back to the same thing, the still small voice within might be god, but it doesn't have to come with the whole rigmaroll called religion. Personally, I believe anyone who goes to church on Sunday, says the right thing, does the right thing is only going through the motions. This would be most of the people you've come across so far. It works for 99% of people, but there are some of us that want more. I call it breaking through to the truth. I can't explain it properly, but I don't think god cares if we have sex outside of marriage, are gay, drink a little too much, or whatever. I don't believe in sin except it is going against one's own nature that god gave them in the first place (as in a gay person pretending to be straight). I don't believe in Satan as some kind of evil entity who will meet on the battle field at the end of time, but more as simply an agent of god. A trickster, who's job is to try and trip us up, not as something mean but simply as a way to show us where we need to keep working on issues.